Cherished Moments

On January 9, 2011 at 11:43pm Dad, John D. Poore, Sr., ascended into God’s Kingdom.  I am so grateful his departure was peaceful, a bittersweet moment but now he is with my lovely mother who passed away over 20 years ago, June 12, 1989.  I thank God for loving parents and their love will forever warm my heart.  I will always remember that both of my parents didn’t want to leave their kids alone in the world until we kids assured them we would stick together.  Their love for us continues to live on and I thank God because this is the nectar that makes Dad’s bittersweet departure palatable.

My parents were there for Robert and I as we launched FILMLOOK Inc. in 1989.  My brother John D. Poore, Jr. was also supportive of FILMLOOK Inc.’s beginning and he continues to believe in our journey.

I’ve put together a few of my most favorite pictures of Dad’s life.  It was hard to pick a few of the photos from among so many pictures.  Dad made sure he captured every moment he cherished with his family, so it wasn’t easy to select a few photos.   I’ve also attached the song, Ave Maria, was my Dad’s song for my mother.  My mother’s name was Brijida (Bridget) Maria, but Maria was what she went by because Brijida was too hard for many people to pronounce.

Cherished Moments of Dad





Deep… within the passages of my soul I wander

Fear seeps in as I search to make sense of all the

embroilment within


Help…I need the Light to scintillate away the fear

The Light will reveal the truths of each memory,

whether it brought tears or laughter


Release… all that weighs the soul


Create the gallows of my soul into a library of my

soul’s growth

Transformed from a soul with no hope… to a soul with

a silver lining

copyrighted by Anna M. Poore (aka Anna M. Cordova)

Quote of the Day

My knight awakens to fulfill my mind, body and soul thereby satisfying his own inner being.




copyrighted by Anna M. Poore (aka Anna M. Cordova) 2011

Poem of the Day – “All for Me”


Sitting in my loneliness and sorrow… I see the world with eyes of gloom

 Many people pass by

Some not even feeling any compassion

Some feeling compassion… yet reluctant to show commiseration

Some stopping to give words of solace to alleviate themselves of guilt

 Suddenly I feel a presence… yet I see no one

I hear a voice,

“Child I care, close your eyes and I will help you to

see the wonder within each day no matter what may befall you”

I close my eyes as I begin to feel surges of brilliant summery light surround me

 We then enter a garden

The garden is filled with every color of grandeur beyond one’s dreams

Before me is a waterfall having all the colors of a rainbow

 As I stay in this paradise… I feel peace throughout my whole being

My burdens seem to be lifted… for I no longer desire to carry them in my mind

Opening my eyes I felt the world and I were one again

A new day was given to me because the presence of SOMEONE who cared to see me anew

copyrighted 1990 (Book of Poetry entitled “The Flight Within) by Anna M. Poore

Poem of the Day – “My Heart’s Desire”


         A man who is a carefree gentleman – with a

dancing spirit

         A man who makes love to me with his all…

         Thus releasing my all to him…

         Adding ecstasy to the torch of our passion…

         A man who’s words make me feel like a princess

in a fairy tale

         A man who’s kisses are as delicate as velvet

petals from a rose

         A man who’s caresses ignite a flame of

tenderness within me that never ceases

         A man who desires me to join him in making a

fairy tale a reality…

         my heart’s desire

Poem of the Day – “To Those I Love”


I’ve left the body you’ve loved for so many years

Yet know I’ve not left you completely… I’m in your


Only on a recall of a warming moment we’ve shared

I’m with you in spirit… only a whisper away

I hear and feel your grief for my absence in your


But I had to leave, my physical vehicle was no longer

able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with you

I’ve lived my life and it was a happy one because of

you… although it wasn’t all I hoped for… that was

because of me and not you

Your love nourished me while I existed in the physical

world, and still flows to my heart while existing in

the spiritual world… eternity does exist

Each of you played a special role in my life… and I thank you

For you awakened my inner strength when I could not

Rest assured that we will meet together in rays of

sunshine in Our Creator’s Kingdom

I’m at peace… I’m learning with no pain… I’ve

elevated to a higher growth… I’m glad… but sad that

you cannot see me now… for you’d be elated to see how

I’ve blossomed

Think of me, for your thoughts will find its way to me

on a warm sunbeam

copyrighted 2011 The Flight Within Revised