Courageous Counsel

In 1979, only one woman served as top legal officer of a Fortune 500 company.  Today, there are more than 100.  Even though that seems like a large number, especially given it’s doubled since the year 2000 alone, women still represent only 20% of general counsel in the Fortune 500.  Studies have shown that only 6% of the country’s 200 highest-grossing firms have a female managing partner.

In their new book, Courageous Counsel, San Francisco-based SNR Denton partner Kara Baysinger and Allstate’s general counsel Michele Mayes dive in to share candid and personal discussions with more than 50 current and former women general counsels.

So, what is a general counsel?  A general counsel is the chief lawyer of any legal department, usually in a corporation or government department.  Did you know that women have received more than 40 percent of all law school degrees awarded since 1986?  General Counsel shares more reports and statistics, discussing the perception of women in law.

The book as a whole offers valuable advice and lessons, such as the importance of taking risks and creating opportunities and letting women know that every career success path is different.  According to Baysinger, “That’s actually a really powerful message for women and men who are thinking about how to get ahead.  Just because you don’t look like or act like or have the same CV as the person who did a job before you, that doesn’t mean  you aren’t precluded from doing it too.”

Inspirational, informative and ideal.  Courageous Counsel offers something for every woman, lawyer or not.  You can pick a copy of Courageous Counsel from

The ThaiPad for Your iPad

One of the benefits of owning an iPad, a Kindle, or a NOOK is the ability to read e-books at any time in absolute comfort. Levenger takes that comfort to a whole new level though with the introduction of the Thai Pad. The Thai Pad is made by hand in northeastern Thailand. Made out of 100% Thai silk, this miniature book pillow is perfect for propping up any size book or tablet. In association with their Partnering for Good program, with each purchase of a Thai Pad, Levenger will make a donation to the International Reading Association’s literacy programs in Thailand. For more information, check out the link here.

A Mother’s Memorial: The Sherry Wolf Collection

Designer Sherry Wolf has been a favorite among the fashion-forward world for her line of unique and practical handbags.  Each of Sherry’s collections of handbags are innovative and fresh, sought after by not only Hollywood celebrities, but stores like Bloomingdales, Nordstorms and Henri Bendel’s.

However, tragedy struck for the artist on Christmas Eve of 2009.  Wolf’s daughter, Chelsea Rae Propper was a vivacious young woman, living her dream in New York City.  On Christmas Eve 2009, the 22-year-old was out at a night club with several of her friends when someone spiked her drink.  Chelsea had a fatal reaction to the drug placed in her drink and her life was cut short.  The incident haunts Wolf every day, causing her to pause in her work for years.

One day though Wolf found the strength to carry on.  Recently she has relaunched her collection of handbags with a new purpose, the purpose of preserving the memory of her daughter.  Wolf hopes the revival of her handbag line will serve to raise awareness about date-rape drug tragedies and keep her daughter’s spirit alive.  In honor of Chelsea, Wolf dedicates one handbag from each collection to her and donates the profit of sales to Bereaved Parents of the USA.  Bereaved Parents is an organization dedicated to helping parents and families living with the loss of a child.

You can check out some pictures from the Sherry Wolf collections, and be sure to visit her website at

Style Recovery

Did you know that most women only use 3% of the items in their closet?  So what can you do with all of the additional clothes and accessories?  You could keep hoarding them for a few more years, just in case, or you can visit is a website where you can recycle designer clothing and accessories. is the first website and community of its kind where the true focus is on reselling high fashion products and making sure they go to good homes  Members can run their own personal online boutique for their items, assuring that the purchase of their items is at a fair price.  Members also can find designer products up to 80% off of the original retail price.  Looks like everyone wins.

Right now to celebrate the launch of the website, is offering 10% off of the first purchase to the first 1,000 members that register and use the code “Welcome.”  Check out these great pieces featured on the website.

Stand Up with Saint Vintage

Last month we recognized Breast Cancer Awareness month, but cancer awareness doesn’t have to stop there. Saint Vintage, the vintage accessories line with a modern twist, has created a designer piece in support of cancer awareness. Partnering up with Stand Up To Cancer (, the design team at Saint Vintage launched a new Love Links bracelet. Made in honor of Laura Ziskin, one of the key founders of Stand Up To Cancer, the Love Link features a combination of Czech beads and a vintage angel charm.

50% of all sales goes to support Stand Up To Cancer. You can directly order the bracelets here or you can visit the main site at Take a look at some of the different bracelets below. Which one is your favorite?

Laura’s Love Link

Opaque Turquoise Love Link

Red Czech Glass Beads Love Link

Light Purple Love Link


“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”

by Anna Quindlen

Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits

Originally printed in 1867, Harper’s Bazaar is the longest-running fashion magazine in America. Over the last decade, Editor-in-Chief Glenda Bailey has revolutionized the fashion world, providing Harper’s Bazaar readers with quality images and quality content.

On September 1st of 2011, Bailey published Harper’s Bazaar: Greatest Hits. This art book highlights the vision of Bailey and with section titles like “A Dash of Daring”, “Bold and Bright” and “Astonish Me!”, Bailey chronicles the magazine’s most memorable moments from the past decade through a collection of more than 300 images. The book spotlights a decade of award-winning photography, iconic fashion and art direction, and stellar writing, and features some of the most talked-about pop cultural, political and celebrity icons of the day.

This Saturday, November 26th, from noon to 2pm, Bailey will be signing copies of her book at the Coach Boutique on Rodeo Drive. An event open to the public, guests will have the opportunity to meet with Bailey and purchase her book during a special reception in her honor. In addition, guests get the opportunity to shop and peruse the newest bags from Coach.

Take a look below at some of the photos featured in the book, and we hope to see you at the Coach store on Saturday.

One of My Favorite Icons: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe continues to be one of the most celebrated and enduring icons of all time.  Today’s generation knows the face of Marilyn Monroe but do they know the story behind this complex actress who has inspired musicians, writers and artists.  In the fashion world, Monroe is one of the top fashion icons in the world…extraordinary considering this young actress had a short life.

I’ve read several books on Monroe and I am excited to see there’s finally a movie about her life coming out  this Thanksgiving.  The Weinstein Co. is proud to present “My Week with Marilyn”, based on the memoir of the same title written by Colin Clark.  “My Week With Marilyn” is a tale through the eyes of a young assistant to Laurence Olivier, Colin Clark, while on the set of Monroe and Olivier’s film, “The Prince and the Showgirl.”  Revolving around the tension between Olivier and Monroe and captivating the charm of seven special days Clark spent with the blond bombshell, “My Week with Marilyn” is sure to captivate audiences this holiday season.

The film stars Michelle Williams (“Blue Valentine”, “Shutter Island”, “Brokeback Mountain”) as the legend herself, along with Kenneth Branagh (“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, “Hamlet”, “The Road to El Dorado”) as Sir Laurence Olivier and Eddie Redmayne (“The Other Boleyn Girl”, “The Yellow Handkerchief”, “The Good Shepherd”) as Colin Clark.

Are you a fan of Monroe’s wardrobe?  Here’s your chance to achieve Monroe’s expensive look for less. has a collection dedicated to the idol.  Take a look at the photos below, and then head over to the website to see how you can achieve your sleek and sexy look.

Check out more fashions by clicking read more.

A Woody Allen Documentary

The PBS series “American Masters” has been featuring iconic cultural artists for the last 25 years.  Produced by Thirteen/WNET for national public television, “American Masters” documents the lives and roles of these individuals and how they have shaped our culture today.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of this docu-series, “American Masters” presents the ultimate film biography on Woody Allen.  Created by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Robert Weide, this documentary was created after a year and a half of interviewing and following the film legend.

“This is the Woody doc everybody has been waiting for, and I am delighted that this creative giant is finally assuming his rightful place in the “American Masters” library,” said series creator Susan Lacy.

This documentary starts with Allen’s childhood and chronicles the longevity of the man’s career.  Weide covers everything from Allen’s earliest film work like “Take the Money and Run” all the way up to his most recent creation, “Midnight in Paris.”  He traveled with Allen from the London set of the film “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger” to the Cannes premiere of “Midnight in Paris” this past spring.  Weide takes viewers inside Allen’s home, inside the editing room and inside Allen’s childhood home of Brooklyn.  The documentary also features interviews with actors such as Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz, Diane Keaton, Chris Rock, Naomi Watts, Owen Wilson and many more.  Other interviews include those with writers such as Mickey Rose, cinematographers such as Gordon Willis, and those most close to Allen such as his sister, Letty Aronson, and his longtime manager, Jack Rollins.

This documentary also touches on Allen’s contributions as a writer for not only the theater, but also The New Yorker magazine.

Currently, the companion website,, is offering streaming video of select films, interviews, essays, photographs, outtakes and other resources from this documentary.

Be sure to catch the National Broadcast Premiere of this documentary.  Part one airs on Sunday, November 20th from 9-11pm, and part two airs on Monday, November 21st, from 9-10:30pm.  In case you missed the premiere, the documentary will be available for streaming on the website after the initial broadcast.

To learn more about “Woody Allen: A Documentary” or about the “American Masters” series, visit

An Interview with Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg

As the writer for not only the Twilight Saga but episodes of hit series such as Party of 5, The O.C., Dexter and Ally McBeal, Melissa Rosenberg has a lot on her plate.  We’d like to share with you an interview she recently did with Lucy Danziger, the host of Five on 5.One of the questions Danziger asked was about Rosenberg’s choice of characters.  Rosenberg’s female characters are both vulnerable and strong, but there is a clear message the writer really want to get across to her viewers, especially in regards to Bella Swan, the protagonist of the Twilight Saga.

“It was a very cautious decision to make Bella a proactive character,” Rosenberg said.  “She goes for what she wants.  Her boyfriend tells her not to, her parents tell her not to, everybody’s saying ‘you can’t have this, don’t go for it, it’s dangerous.’  She pursues it, and I think that’s the message I hope gets across to anybody who watches it.  Go for what you want.”

Rosenberg also had a lot to say on the matter of writing.

“It’s probably surprising to most people that writing is actually a very physical activity.  You have to concentrate so fiercely.  It requires such self-discipline that if you have any sort of ache or pain, if your back hurts, if you’re sick, if you’re tired, it absolutely interrupts the creative process.  So, it’s extremely important to stay fit, to stay rested, to have a healthy diet.”

Rosenberg herself sticks to a very strict regiment with her personal trainer.

So what’s the most important piece of advice Rosenberg wanted to share with young women who want to be writers?

“I think women think that the work will…that it’s all about the work.  That the work will stand for itself.  But you know what, it really doesn’t.  That’s maybe fifty percent of it…the other half of it is, be someone people want to work with, learn how to pick yourself up off the floor and move forward.  Laugh at yourself and learn how to take a hit.”

This advice ties right into Rosenberg’s personal mantra: “Show up.  Show up every day.”

To get a taste of Rosenberg’s writing, be sure to see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn pt. 1, which hit theaters on November 18th.