Poem of the Day – “All for Me”


Sitting in my loneliness and sorrow… I see the world with eyes of gloom

 Many people pass by

Some not even feeling any compassion

Some feeling compassion… yet reluctant to show commiseration

Some stopping to give words of solace to alleviate themselves of guilt

 Suddenly I feel a presence… yet I see no one

I hear a voice,

“Child I care, close your eyes and I will help you to

see the wonder within each day no matter what may befall you”

I close my eyes as I begin to feel surges of brilliant summery light surround me

 We then enter a garden

The garden is filled with every color of grandeur beyond one’s dreams

Before me is a waterfall having all the colors of a rainbow

 As I stay in this paradise… I feel peace throughout my whole being

My burdens seem to be lifted… for I no longer desire to carry them in my mind

Opening my eyes I felt the world and I were one again

A new day was given to me because the presence of SOMEONE who cared to see me anew

copyrighted 1990 (Book of Poetry entitled “The Flight Within) by Anna M. Poore

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