FILMLOOK Inc. started as a vision of excellence by partners Robert Faber and Anna Cordova. Mr. Faber’s electronic engineering expertise and intense interest in filmmaking coupled with Ms. Cordova’s managerial experience made FILMLOOK Inc. a reality.

Several television shows have used FILMLOOK, including SportsCentury (ESPN Classic), Making the Band (ABC), Secret Adventures of Jules Verne (SciFi), Undressed (MTV), and It’s a Miracle (PAX). FILMLOOK was also used on an HBO special, Living Dolls, produced by Lynda Otto with The Landsburg Company. Living Dolls was nominated for three Emmys.

FILMLOOK Inc. has grown every year since 1989 and is now a thriving Post Production business. The FILMLOOK® process is only one part of FILMLOOK’s (also known as FILMLOOK MEDIA and POST) services, as we now provide Da Vinci 2K color correction (with FILMLOOK® gray scale available), AVID and FINAL CUT PRO editing, DVD authoring, Digital Cinema packaging, a full audio post and design facility, and more. We’ve also patent licensed (24P camera patent, 24P, LLC) ten major camera manufacturers.

Mr. Faber handles most of the technical duties, while Ms. Cordova is involved with client relations and marketing. They both cite the award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for outstanding achievement in engineering development as a prime example of FILMLOOK’s success and acceptance into the television entertainment industry.


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