Poem of the Day – “June’s Romance Song”

June’s Romance Song


June sung her romance song that night we met in Switzerland

She lulled us to each other’s caressing embrace

We danced her victory as we swayed to her tune of enchantment

That night we met in Switzerland

The exotic gypsy was on his way to yet another country

And the rose-colored lotus was searching for herself

The two stroke a chord within June’s heart

That night we met

Who would have guessed that when we said good-bye

That June’s song would haunt us till we reunited

Weeks passed before June could sing her song of triumphant

And now June sings her rhythmic love to assure her wanderers

That our union in Switzerland was for infinity

©Anna M. Poore

Poem of the Day – “My Heart’s Desire”


A man who is a carefree gentleman – with a

dancing spirit

A man who makes love to me with his all…

Thus releasing my all to him…

Adding ecstasy to the torch of our passion…

A man whose words make me feel like a princess

in a fairy tale

A man whose kisses are as delicate as velvet

petals from a rose

A man whose caresses ignite a flame of

tenderness within me that never ceases

A man who desires me to join him in making a

fairy tale a reality…

my heart’s desire

©Anna M. Poore