Poem of the Day – “To Those I Love”


I’ve left the body you’ve loved for so many years

Yet know I’ve not left you completely… I’m in your


Only on a recall of a warming moment we’ve shared

I’m with you in spirit… only a whisper away

I hear and feel your grief for my absence in your


But I had to leave, my physical vehicle was no longer

able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with you

I’ve lived my life and it was a happy one because of

you… although it wasn’t all I hoped for… that was

because of me and not you

Your love nourished me while I existed in the physical

world, and still flows to my heart while existing in

the spiritual world… eternity does exist

Each of you played a special role in my life… and I thank you

For you awakened my inner strength when I could not

Rest assured that we will meet together in rays of

sunshine in Our Creator’s Kingdom

I’m at peace… I’m learning with no pain… I’ve

elevated to a higher growth… I’m glad… but sad that

you cannot see me now… for you’d be elated to see how

I’ve blossomed

Think of me, for your thoughts will find its way to me

on a warm sunbeam

copyrighted 2011 The Flight Within Revised

An Extraordinary Human Being

Who here has heard of Elvis Presley? Just about everyone. I bet you haven’t heard of Albert Fisher though. Albert is a fascinating man who happens to be a client of ours over at FILMLOOK Media and Post.

Albert Fisher started in the television business in 1962 when he was in his twenties, handling TV and Movies for the World’s Fairs in Seattle and New York. Working his way through the industry, Albert went on to create and produce a variety of series, including Emmy-award winning series “Better Homes and Gardens Television.”

Albert has worked for various networks in different programming and management positions. Over the years he’s expanded his talents to producing, directing and writing. These talents have helped him receive awards in a handful of film festivals including those held in Cannes, London, Barcelona and Chicago.

In addition to his other accomplishments, Albert has served as an EP for NBC, creating, producing and directing award-winning magazine shows and documentaries. He currently still serves as an EP.

And what does he have to do with Elvis? Albert met the legend himself, and even more incredibly, the King allowed Albert to shoot home movies of him when he was in Seattle shooting a film. Albert is in possession of extremely rare footage of Elvis, but he’s sharing it with the world. Check out this website for more information: http://www.fairvideo.com/index.html

What an experience. Thank you, Albert, for sharing this with us.

©Anna M. Poore

Poem of the Day – “A Soul, A Rose”


A rose unfolds as a soul unfolds its many petals.

The petals representing the different attributes

giving the rose its wholeness.

As most roses flourish from the river of life that

surround it, so does each soul.

 Some roses like a soul never opening to its full

potential… for fear of what if?

copyrighted 2011 Anna M. Poore (aka Anna M. Cordova)

Poem of the Day – “In My Mind’s Eye”

In My Mind’s Eye…

I kiss your bare body with whispering kisses
As your hands gingerly caress my supple breasts to your moist mouth.
While you suckle my breasts my hands touch down to your manhood.
Until you can no longer resist you enter my wet honeycomb.
As you and I become one we let our tongues slowly play.

In My Mind’s Eye…

Our hearts are racing as we enter a zone that we’ve never experienced.
Our intertwined sweat become sweet as we collapse into each other’s arms.

In My Mind’s Eye…

You give me what no other man can and
I give you what no other woman can give.

In My Mind’s Eye…

I trust to unveil myself to you as never before…
Now I’ll need my mind’s eye to set my heart free from the chains of fear
that hold be back from loving you as I’ve never loved.

©Anna M. Poore

Quote of the Day

Trying to save a troubled soul is like trying to save a drowning victim; you have to knock them out before they pull you under. 

©Anna M. Poore