Poem of the Day – “To Those I Love”


I’ve left the body you’ve loved for so many years

Yet know I’ve not left you completely… I’m in your


Only on a recall of a warming moment we’ve shared

I’m with you in spirit… only a whisper away

I hear and feel your grief for my absence in your


But I had to leave, my physical vehicle was no longer

able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with you

I’ve lived my life and it was a happy one because of

you… although it wasn’t all I hoped for… that was

because of me and not you

Your love nourished me while I existed in the physical

world, and still flows to my heart while existing in

the spiritual world… eternity does exist

Each of you played a special role in my life… and I thank you

For you awakened my inner strength when I could not

Rest assured that we will meet together in rays of

sunshine in Our Creator’s Kingdom

I’m at peace… I’m learning with no pain… I’ve

elevated to a higher growth… I’m glad… but sad that

you cannot see me now… for you’d be elated to see how

I’ve blossomed

Think of me, for your thoughts will find its way to me

on a warm sunbeam

copyrighted 2011 The Flight Within Revised

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