Poem of the Day – “Our Freedom”


         Memorial Day is a time when we as a nation take

a moment to remember our veterans.

         May we continually remember we relish in our

freedom today, because of our brave veterans

of yesterdays.

         May we continually carry the torch of freedom and peace

So generations to come will live in harmony.

©Anna M. Poore

Poem of the Day – “Her Heart’s Son, Her Music”


Her music lies softly within her…

Days have gone by since she heard

her heart’s song, her music.

Then in the stillness of the night,

she finally hears

her heart’s song, her music.

She arises and listens to all the different melodies that made her, her.

 And, now, with her heart full of music

she understands why she felt so lost.

She let the chaos of the outside world

become louder than her heart’s song

so much that her music faintly played.

Now her music will play loudly

so that others

will know her again .

©Anna M. Poore

Monsters and Heroes

Have you ever wanted to slay monsters? Have you ever wanted to be a monster? Sure, but there’s no way to do that in real life…or is there? With a group of talented actors as your guide, you can find yourself on a mystical adventure full of surprises in Dungeon Master. 

Dungeon Master is a theater experience using actors to play the roles of monsters and heroes. A friend of ours, Forest Cobalt, invited us to a show, and boy were we surprised. The unique part of Dungeon Master is that a group of six audience members are selected before the play begins to join the actors on stage. When the audience gets involved, it’s unpredictable what will happen to our characters. Equipped with costumes, weapons and magic, the selected audience members must fight their way to victory while the rest of the crowd cheers them on.

First hitting the stage at the Magicopolis Theatre in 2001, Dungeon Master has just entered its tenth season of shows. The next show will be September 11th in Los Angeles.

We had a great time at the show. Take a look at some pictures from shows (copyright 2003 Flatline Entertainment) and check out the Dungeon Master website for more info.

Special thanks to Forest for inviting us xoxo

                      Click to enlarge photos

©Anna M. Poore

Poem of the Day – “Writer or Not”


The writer with a million ideas, but can only give life to the ones that will bring the big money
It’s time to finish the winning script, yet you do everything else but write – phenomenon or fear, who knows
Finally, you the writer with a million ideas sits to write

The blank page stares back at you while you contemplate the next scene, but nothing seems to flow
You wrestle in your chair… you pace… you stare… and still nothing
Time passes and the wastebasket is overflowing with your attempts

 You are now asleep with your ideas haunting you till you can no longer sleep
You think and think until you gather the courage to challenge the blank page again

You begin to write… IT FLOWS

You the writer with a million ideas holds yet another rejection from today’s mail
You the vulnerable writer tosses the rejection amongst the rest and then lazily gaze at them

 Now!  Are you a writer with a million ideas or do you still pursue the silver lining voice that pushes you through the sludges of Hollywood’s back door that says,

 “I’M A WINNER – Persistence will prove me right”

©Anna M. Poore

A Point of Interest

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

As a California native, I have seen and visited many sites. What is surprising though is that I had never visited the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I suggest stopping by and taking a tour of the cemetery. Located at 6000 Santa Monica Blvd, the cemetery is the final resting home to some of the most well-known celebrities. Take a look at some pictures from my past visit.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

A view of the cemetery

Mel Blanc's headstone

This is the headstone of Mel Blanc

Johnny Ramone

The headstone of Johnny Ramone of The Ramones

De Mille Burial Site

The burial site for William C. DeMille and Cecil B. DeMille

“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.” –Cecil B. DeMille

 For more information, an interactive tour and fascinating life stories, visit the Hollywood Forever website at http://www.hollywoodforever.com

©Anna M. Poore