ROAR: You Will Be Heard

Christmas is the time to be giving, but one man wants to make sure it’s possible to give all year long.  Matt McKee is the founder and owner of ROAR, a digital development group that creates mobile apps for non-profit organizations.  These apps can be designed for the iPad, the iPhone and Android devices.

During the month of December, ROAR is giving away free apps for one thousand churches and non-profit organizations.  Each app will be developed individually, offering features such as the ability to download sermons from their favorite church, donate money, make prayer requests and more.  ROAR develops programs that allow access to audio and/or video podcasts of services, workshops or classes. Live video feeds are also available, as well as photo sharing.

McKee believes that some church administrators may feel intimidated by the prospect of working with a mobile app to help keep members connected.  “You don’t need any development experience to run the app.  ROAR takes care of all the heavy lifting for you,” McKee says.  “All you have to do is input the content into our content management system and sit back. We take care of the rest.”

Churches or other organizations can use ROAR to provide relationship-building tools like event calendars, links, location listings and mailing lists for their parishioners.  With ROAR, church members are more easily able to connect with one another and feel like part of a close community.  For those who would like to purchase a ROAR app, the design of the application can cost up to $2000.

McKee has served as a pastor for students and children, and he is passionate about serving through the church.  “I love making a difference,” McKee says. “I am an entrepreneur and I believe creativity is a gift God means us to share with others.”

To learn more about ROAR, visit their website.  You can also learn more by becoming a fan on Facebook and following the company on Twitter.