Mad Max Renegade Short Film

Flor Siqueiros and I went to the CAP Theater for the Los Angeles premiere of the  “Mad Max Renegade” short written, directed and edited by Paul C. Miller who is a friend of ours as well as a FILMLOOK client.  In fact, Paul has been a FILMLOOK client for many years and had us do the color correction on this short and we love his work.

The lead actor on “Mad Max Renegade” brought the idea to Paul since the lead actor wanted to be the actor on the next “Road Warrior.” “Mad Max Renegade” is a wonderful blend of keeping with the original characters and story and also elaborating on future adventures.

Another key factor to Paul creating “Mad Max Renegade” is one special car.  Paul bought a 1973 Australian Ford Falcon, from Australia, and spent 3 years building it up into a replica of the Mad Max Interceptor. It features an on/off blower, just like in the original film, an authentic Australian Police Siren, side pipes, custom front, roof and trunk spoilers and fender flairs.

Paul wrote “Mad Max Renegade” in hopes of showcasing the car and also as an homage to George Miller, the director of “Mad Max” and “The Road Warrior.”  Miller’s films inspired Paul to become a director himself.  The script sat on the shelf for a year until actor Liam Fountain contacted Paul with the desire to play Mad Max in a short film.  The film was shot in the Mojave Desert over a span of a year and a half.  Countless hours of time were dedicated by the crew in the creation of this fan film.

In addition to a screening of Paul’s film, there were a few other surprises at the CAP for us.  Vernon George Wells, who played Wez in “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior”, and his manager were in the audience.

Wells originally started his career in entertainment in Australia (his home country) as a singer in a rock band before moving on to theatre and small parts in television shows. Originally discovered by director George Miller’s girlfriend, Miller pulled Wells in for an interview after hearing the critically acclaimed reviews from Wells’ theater acting.  Shortly after, he cast him in “The Road Warrior.”

Wells is a character actor, and producers and directors love his laugh. Let me just say…his evil laugh was chilling.  Wells admitted to us though that when he was first starting out in the beginning of his career, he couldn’t figure out how to play himself.  Director George Miller placed all of the actors in a room and had them all write up their bios which covered their life from youth up to their casting in “The Road Warrior.”  Wells believes that this, along with many other qualities, makes Miller an amazing director.  Wells states that his personal favorite characters he’s ever played are his roles of Plughead in “Circuitry Man”, a film directed by Steven Lovy about an Earth that’s become a wasteland, a bodyguard smuggling a caseful of narcotic brain chips, and a psychotic chip dealer called Plughead who wants all the chips for himself.   His other favorite role was that of Beckett in “King of the Ants”, a thriller film directed by Stuart Gordon about a handyman and an electrician who meet up with a corrupt constructor to take on the job of stalking and killing one of the most esteemed men in the city.

The last segment in this two-hour program Jared, the event coordinator, premiered a riveting traiiler of Wasteland Weekend. So what is wasteland weekend?  Wasteland Weekend is an event that launched in 2010 and is a time where mad max fans replicate the mad max lifestyle since the first Mad Max film was released in 1979.  Fan events have been popping up in all sorts of countries except for America, but one man decided to change that all in 2004.  Over the last seven years, event director Karol Bartoszynski has organized events such as Roadwar USA and other Roadwar events across the country.  Then, in 2010, after the success of an event called Road Warrior Weekend in 2009, Bartosynski and a man named Jim Howard assembled a team of Mad Max fans to create Wasteland Weekend.

Wasteland Weekend 2011 attracted nearly 700 to the event site.  The high-energy, heart-throbbing sinister musical event features entertainment, costumes, events, and live music all provided by fans of the Mad Max series.  We got to see a short documentary covering Wasteland Weekend 2011, but it’s not posted to the website just yet.  You can take a look at the website here, and you can watch media coverage of last year’s event below.

The hope of the “Mad Max Renegade” team is that the film will be accepted into the 2012 ComicCon Fan Film Festival.  To learn more about “Mad Max Renegade”, check out the website here.  If you want to become a “Mad Max Renegade” fan go to Facebook and do a LIKE.