Bill Douglas, the Visionary Author

Author Bill Douglas has been called a visionary by many because his electrifying novels have a way of coming true.  Bill is aware of his gift, and in his soon-to-be-released autobiography, “A Call to Duty – Miracles DO Happen!”, he opens up and shares the details of this ability which is common in his family.  The Douglas family are descendants of a clan from the highest of the Scottish Highlands.  This clan is known throughout the country for having “the second sight”, or involuntarily predicting events of the future.

His first novel, “2012: The Awakening” was a work in progress for five years.  Check out this summary of the book and see why it has since been rated Best Fiction of the Year by Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine.

“When a global human awakening shakes the very foundations of powers that have ruled the worlds for eons, unlikely heroes struggle to find a new way to survive. The lives of a bookish heroine, a burned-out Naval Intelligence Officer, and a deadly covert operations’ professional become entwined in a riveting thriller that unravels threads of the ancient beginnings of human consciousness.  Their struggle parallels that of everyone on the planet today.  Douglas expertly weaves current global issues in an ageless story that blends history, science, socio-politics and spirituality; thrusting the reader into pulse-pounding excitement on a roller-coaster ride of twists, turns and intrigue that leaves readers breathless, riveted and reeling!”

Only a year after the release of “2012”, Douglas released his second novel entitled “A Conspiracy of Spirits – Wall Street vs. The 99%“, another novel that was also a work in progress for many years before the current events of today’s world.   Below is a summary of this thriller.

“This fascinating story is about two people living in different parts of the country who are besieged by visions of the Arctic; one a corporate ladder-climber in southern California who wakes up in the middle of the night to find himself naked in his backyard, compelled to write down the feelings that are tearing his heart and mind apart.   The other is fifteen hundred miles away – the nine year-old daughter of illegal Mexican immigrants who is plagued by cataclysmic visions of polar bears.

Simultaneously, an elderly Chinese woman living in Kansas is shocked by violent visions of a young girl and a man connected in the vast web of life and this web has been disturbed by a crime of such proportion that its perpetrators have the blood of nations on their hands.  She is powerless to do anything but watch as the chaos from the crime tears at life’s fabric, leaving the two strangers’ lives shattered in its wake.  Their survival is entwined with the fate of us all.  The question is – will they make it?  Will we?

 The breakneck pacing of this latest thriller proves to be yet another white-knuckle ride, taking readers deep into our political system and environmental and economic justice issues, with characters who struggle to do what is right rather than what is habit.

So begins . . . a conspiracy of spirits.”

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Here is an intro video to Douglas’ “World Healing Day Documentary.”  Within this video clip Douglas mentions 2012 so spend the eight minutes to view the sublimities within this intro clip.

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