With Love From Shop Design Spark and Henri Lou

Are you ready?  Valentine’s Day is only one week away.  If you’re missing a few accessories for your love-day outfit, or if you need a last-minute gift for that special someone.  Or you can splurge on yourself, really it’s okay,  then check out ShopDesignSpark.com and ShopHenriLouJewelry.com.

Shop Design Spark pieces radiate a boho-chic style that is both timeless and contemporary with designed inspired by trends throughout the world

If you want an edgy look, Henri Lou offers womanly pieces made of leather, saddle rings, gold filled chain and real plated leaves.  The idea of powerful yet feminine pieces is the backbone to the creative process at Henri Lou, where all pieces are handmade.

Which style do you prefer?  Check out some pieces from both sites below.  Then be sure to LIKE the Shop Design Spark Facebook, LIKE the Henri Lou Facebook, and following the Twitters for Shop Design Spark and Henri Lou.

Pink and Black Heart Scarf from Shop Design Spark – $19.99

“Love Me” Studs from Shop Design Spark – $14.99

Purdy Bracelet from Henri Lou – $60

Heart Ring from Henri Lou – $50

Cashmere and Baubles

Dawn Baker is the owner of the boutiques happy LA and dawn baker.  An Emmy-nominated costume designer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Baker has over 10 years of experience working in the fashion industry and she is also known for her “closet therapy.”  What is closet therapy?  Baker helps men and women cleanse their closets, assessing and organizing complete wardrobes, advising clients what to keep and what to let go while providing them with new ways to reinvent their wardrobes themselves.  This would definitely make me happy ♥

Baker prides herself in carrying unique clothing, jewelry and accessories in her shops.  This holiday season she’s designed a lineup of Essentials that reflects her discerning aesthetics and chichi style philosophy.  Dawn has created a line that is ideally practical, stylish and affordable.

With items such as disc bracelets, diamond bracelets and cashmere wraps, there’s something for every stylish chick in this collection.  Check out the photos of some of the items below, and be sure to visit her website at www.dawn-baker.com for more options.    Become a Facebook fan and do a LIKE and follow her tweets so you can get the inside news.

Disc Bracelet – $48

Chann Luu by Dawn Baker – $170-$205

Diamond Bracelet – $245-$595

Cashmere Wrap – $378

Style Recovery

Did you know that most women only use 3% of the items in their closet?  So what can you do with all of the additional clothes and accessories?  You could keep hoarding them for a few more years, just in case, or you can visit stylerecovery.com.

Stylerecovery.com is a website where you can recycle designer clothing and accessories.  Stylerecovery.com is the first website and community of its kind where the true focus is on reselling high fashion products and making sure they go to good homes  Members can run their own personal online boutique for their items, assuring that the purchase of their items is at a fair price.  Members also can find designer products up to 80% off of the original retail price.  Looks like everyone wins.

Right now to celebrate the launch of the website, Stylerecovery.com is offering 10% off of the first purchase to the first 1,000 members that register and use the code “Welcome.”  Check out these great pieces featured on the website.