A Single Woman’s Guide to Heart’s Desire

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and love is in the air for some but not for all.  For those ladies who are either searching for Mr. Right or trying to recover for Mr. Wrong why not gift yourself with a GPS system.   No, not that kind of GPS.  The GPS we are talking about  is a woman’s Guy Picking System.  So, where can you get this GPS?

The Guy Picking System is a creation of  author  Dawn Maslar and can be found in her latest book, “From Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire.”  As someone who experienced the same cycle of falling for the wrong men again and again, Maslar connects with her readers in a therapeutic and spiritual way.

“I was one of those people who wanted love,” Maslar said.  “I ended up caught in an agonizing off-again, on-again relationship.  One night I hit rock bottom and realized that until I could love myself, I’d never find another person to love me.  But no one told me how to do that.  This book is a culmination of my quest for an answer.  I share my journey in hopes of helping other women.”

Targeted to the almost 50 million single women 18 years or older in the US, “From Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire” shows women how to learn to care for themselves, let go of negative memories and develop gratitude for the life they have.  Check out this passage from the book.

“The picking process begins with subtle, unconscious stimuli to your brain.  It is your interpretation of the stimuli that produces the response that you find so exciting.  Your internal environment forms your perception of your external environment.  How you interpret these cues is the important part; they tell you who you are attracted to.

“I used to believe this response was fate, some supernatural phenomenon that was predetermined by the stars.  I believed that there was one special person out there and it was my job to find him.  I would know him by the feeling I got.  That tingling, that light-headed giddiness I experienced–these were the cues telling me that my future just walked into the room.

“I still believing in a ‘special one.’  But the feelings I was getting from men who turned out to be wrong for me were definitely not love.  Rather, they were an indication that my picker might have been broken.”

With sections like “How Can You Tell if Your Picker Is Broken?” and categories of men women fall for like the “Hit-and-Run”, the “Teflon Don Juan” and the “What Was I Thinking?”, Maslar’s book will help women understand the steps they can take to developing a better life and find a happy and loving relationship.  Described as “packed with basic but useful information” and “one of the best how-to books”, “From Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire” may just be the key you need to succeed.

Right now if you visit Maslar’s website  you can download the first two chapters of her book for free.  You can purchase the whole book through her website, or through Amazon.com .

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AskMen Ranks the Top 99 Most Desirable Women

AskMen.com may very well be the Cosmopolitan for the male species since it’s the world’s number one lifestyle site for men.   AskMen.com provides articles on topics such as fashion, health&sports, dating, money and much more.  AskMen has the widest reach, attracting 20 million unique visitors worldwide.  AskMen gives men the answers they’re seeking and lets them connect with like-minded gentlemen.

A staple of AskMen is a special list called the Top 99 Most Desirable Women.  Now on its 11th year, this list serves as a quick overview of what the AskMen readers find most appealing in today’s hottest female celebrities based on character, beauty, talent, intelligence and other attributes.

So what does this year’s list say about this generation of men?

“With more than a third of the women on this year’s list being first time honorees, it is clear men are intrigued by women who are new on the scene,” stated James Bassil, AskMen’s editor-in-chief.

Who was selected as this year’s number one most desirable woman?  AskMen readers cast their votes and proudly declared Colombian actress Sofia Vergara as the most desirable woman of 2012.

Photo credit to stylefrizz.com

Vergara currently stars on the hit ABC series “Modern Family” as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, a role which has earned her two Golden Globe nominations, two Emmy nominations, and a SAG award.

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The CW Gets “Remodeled”

If you know your models then you know the name Paul Fisher.  Fisher is well-known for launching the careers of various models including Naomi Campbell, Carol Alt, Carrie Otis, Kimora Lee, Nicky Hilton, Brooke Burke and many more.  Fisher has created more stars than any other agent in the history of the modeling industry.  Over the past quarter-century, Fisher’s clients have appeared on thousands of magazine covers, headlined fashion shows around the world and some have even gone above and beyond.  One of Fisher’s clients has been nominated for an Academy Award, and another serves as the First Lady of a European country.

Now Fisher is making sure agents in small towns don’t get taken advantage of and he is also encouraging models to take control of their careers and have healthier lives.  This mission lead Fisher to create a new series called “Remodeled.”

Airing on Wednesdays at 9pm on the CW, “Remodeled” brings together hundreds of small agencies around the world into a group called The Network.  Fisher came to realize that small agencies were finding talent and then quickly losing it to bigger agencies.  His goal, with The Network, is to create the largest agency in the world.

The Network uses “the average-size woman” for their models, promoting the ideal that extreme thinness is no longer a trend in the fashion world.  The goal of The Network is to transform the perception of beauty and how it is marketed worldwide.

“Remodeled” just started airing on the CW in mid-January.  Be sure to catch up on the latest episodes and learn more at the official website.  You can also LIKE the Facebook Fanpage and follow the official Twitter for the CW.

Unique Vintage with SAG Style

On January 29th millions of people watched the SAG awards.  Congratulations to all of the winners, but now it is time to highlight the fashions of the evening in Unique Vintage style.   Which one of these gowns is your favorite?  I love the Emma Stone look and Unique Vintage has create a similar look but for a much sweeter price, only $148.00.

Emma Stone

Something Borrowed Black Floral Rhinestone Swing Prom Dress from Unique Vintage – $148

Sofia Vergara

Flirt by Maggie Sottero Valentine Red Gathered Satin Beaded & Floral One-Shoulder Sweetheart Prom Dress  from Unique Vintage – $348

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Eat, Drink and Be Married

Rebecca Bloom, author of “Girl Anatomy” and “Tangled up in Daydreams” has done it again with the release of her third book, “Eat, Drink and Be Married”, the embodiment of ‘chick lit’ at its absolute finest and funniest.

Bloom  brings together three former college roommates on an adventure to Lake Tahoe to join a fourth former roommate for her wedding.   Bloom reminds us just how important our friendships are with moments that make you cry and laugh.

Kate, Nina and Zoë are on their way to Hannah’s wedding when they find themselves in the company of people determined to wreak havoc on their lives, dragging skeletons out of the closet.  Each woman has to free themselves from the ghosts of their past then must come to terms with their emotional baggage before they walk down the aisle.  It only takes laughter, tears, drinks and seventy-two hours of bonding with the ones they love the most for these women to attain their goal.

“Eat, Drink and Be Married” has received many positive reviews from its readers.   One reader cites, “the book is a fun read for anyone who has attended  a wedding!   Rebecca Bloom captures the spirit of a destination wedding in this book.  It is full of funny dialog and conversations you have definitely had with your girlfriends.”

Bloom’s novels have been featured in publications such as The New York Times, In Style, Los Angeles Times and others.  She has served as the executive editor and then editor-at-large for Los Angeles Confidential Magazine.  Bloom also is on the board of LAXART, a contemporary art based nonprofit organization that supports a renewed vision for the potential of independent art spaces.

The novel is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.   Become a Rebecca Bloom fan on Facebook and be sure to  visit her website.

Buchanan & Zavala

Buchanan & Zavala offers a stylish collection of luxury knits for the woman of today, a collection that embodies her needs and desires.  Founded in 2010, Buchanan & Zavala line offers a fusion of the latest knitting technology innovations and the finest yarns available worldwide.

Soo Buchanan, the Founder and President of the company, has a vision of keeping Buchanan & Zavala a sophisticated, stylish yet simple fashion that is comfortable for today’s woman’s fast-paced lifestyle.

On November 1st, Buchanan and Zavala enhanced that ideal vision by launching a new collection of clothing for Neiman Marcus On-line, a feat that’s practically unheard of for new companies in the fashion world.  The B&Z Resort Collection consists of 48 styles starting at $345.

“We are very excited by the reaction of customers to our initial launch and to have the rare opportunity as a newcomer, to launch our next collection with such a prestigious retailer as Neiman Marcus is extremely encouraging,” Soo Buchanan said.

The benefits and new features of this collection include a fresh and new approach to modernize luxury knits fashion and staying ahead of the technology of luxury knits manufacturing.

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The Alphabet Begins With ‘D’ – 12/8/2011

I don’t know about you but bra shopping is one of my least favorite things to do, especially if you’re on the bustier side.  But never fear, Jenette is here.

Actress Jenette Goldstein established Jenette Bras in 2010 and is located on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.  Jeanette’s business is “the alphabet begins with D.”  That’s right; Jenette Bras is the one-stop shop for those women who are a D cup or higher.

The staff at Jenette Bras treat you like the lady you are, working  you to make sure you find a bra that fits comfortably as well as a style that resonants with your style.  They make sure to find you bras in your real size and they bring you bra after bra to try on.  With over 20 styles and brands to choose from, there’s something for every fashionista available at Jenette’s.

On December 8th, Jenette Bras will be opening a second store in Pasadena as part of the revival of ‘The Shops on Holly’, located at 18 East Holly Street, Pasadena, CA 91103.  You can visit their website at http://jenettebras.com/ to view their collections.

If you like what you see go to her FACEBOOK  page http://www.facebook.com/JenetteBras?sk=wall so you can see what else she offers at her stores.  Get in on the fun and follow Jenette’s Bras tweets http://twitter.com/#!/jenettebras

jenette goldstein

Stop by the store and we’ll hook you up with something special.

Cleo Brand

Celeste Brand

Fantasie – Savannah Brand

Viva La Via Privé

Via Privé is a lifestyle, activewear brand defined by traditional performance-driven workout apparel with a fashion-forward focus.   Co-founder Sarah Vazirani wanted to create a clothing line combining fit, function and fashion while also being committed to sourcing to a socially ethical, responsible program that gives back to those in need.  We commend Vazirani for having an entrepreneurial spirit with a heart.

This month, Via Privé is proud to introduce their first activewear apparel clothing line that combines innovative performance technology with the utmost attention to design.   This collection encompasses elements of fashion, fit and lifestyle at an affordable price.

What makes this collection unique is the introduction of Quadracore, a four-way stretch fabric, and the use of ProModal, an eco-friendly fabric that allows a stress-free custom fit to each woman who exhales in it.  And you know we all need exhaling moments.   This collection also enables the body to breathe and lend support in achieving any position that exercise or life puts you in.

Via Privé is dedicated to employing and training the locals of the Dominican Republic, where the factory this collection is made, in an effort to break the cycle of poverty.    Via Privé is also donating an outfit to a woman or child in need at the Shraddhanand Mahila Ashram in Mumbai, India for every online order they receive.

The full collection price runs between $38 to $104 per piece.  To view the collection and place an order, visit http://www.viaprive.com/

Tiger Lily Tank

Lotus Pant

Azaelea Sweatshirt

Are You Covered?

World AIDS Day is here, December 1st, and fashion designer and Fashion Institute of Technology student Maggie Kervick is ready to tell the world one thing:  “I’m Covered.”

Kervick has teamed up with Lifestyles Condoms to launch a new campaigned called “I’m Covered.”  She has created a new line of vinyl handbags made to look like SKYN condom wrappers.  Crafted out of a synthetic material, the bags come in the Living in SKYN tote size, the Dirty Little SKYN cosmetic size, and the I’m A Slave for SKYN wristlet size.  Each bag includes an informational pamphlet as well as a box of condoms in order to educate women how to properly use them.

Kervick’s bags are spreading a message of female empowerment, breaking down all negative stereotypes associated with women who carry condoms.  “I’m hoping to break down the stereotype that if a guy has a condom, he is considered ‘prepared’, but if a girl has a condom she is considered a ‘tramp’,” Kervick said.  “The ‘I’m Covered Campaign’ reinforces the need for self-respect and a proactive approach in regards to protecting oneself from STIs and unwanted pregnancies.”

Check out the pictures below to see pictures of these bags.  You can also learn more at the Bags by Mags website, the Bags by Mags Facebook page and the Bags by Mags Twitter.

Courageous Counsel

In 1979, only one woman served as top legal officer of a Fortune 500 company.  Today, there are more than 100.  Even though that seems like a large number, especially given it’s doubled since the year 2000 alone, women still represent only 20% of general counsel in the Fortune 500.  Studies have shown that only 6% of the country’s 200 highest-grossing firms have a female managing partner.

In their new book, Courageous Counsel, San Francisco-based SNR Denton partner Kara Baysinger and Allstate’s general counsel Michele Mayes dive in to share candid and personal discussions with more than 50 current and former women general counsels.

So, what is a general counsel?  A general counsel is the chief lawyer of any legal department, usually in a corporation or government department.  Did you know that women have received more than 40 percent of all law school degrees awarded since 1986?  General Counsel shares more reports and statistics, discussing the perception of women in law.

The book as a whole offers valuable advice and lessons, such as the importance of taking risks and creating opportunities and letting women know that every career success path is different.  According to Baysinger, “That’s actually a really powerful message for women and men who are thinking about how to get ahead.  Just because you don’t look like or act like or have the same CV as the person who did a job before you, that doesn’t mean  you aren’t precluded from doing it too.”

Inspirational, informative and ideal.  Courageous Counsel offers something for every woman, lawyer or not.  You can pick a copy of Courageous Counsel from Amazon.com