Lovestruck with Van Halen’s Reunion

FILMLOOK Media and Post staff was at the Van Halen Rehearsal Night on February 8th and what an amazing performance by Eddie, David, Alex and Wolfie.  Yes, I am a little lovestruck on this phenomenal rock band as you will see when you read my words ♥

A little lovestruck on Van Halen Band.

I’ve put together a slide show from my personal photos (taken with my iphone) of this eventful night. The stage was set in a way that each captured image is breathtaking even with someone like myself who is not so experienced in taking photos.

Van Halen Slideshow with the “Blood and Fire” song accompaniment.  I chose this song as one of my favorites songs from “A Different Kind of Truth” album.  It wasn’t easy to choose only one song, I am just saying.  The lyrics from this song are fantastic and I especially like this line…”Forgotten empires.  Lost victories long past.  Every time I bloomed again I thought it was the last and then something crazy happens and… BOOM! I’m doing the victory dance!”

My younger brother, James E. Poore accompanied me to the concert since he is a longtime VH fan.  He has seen VH in concert at least twelve times with both David Lee Roth and Sammy Haggar as their lead singers.  Once David Lee Roth was replaced with Haggar, I lost my fervent interest in listening to VH music.  Haggar’s voice and personality wasn’t the charismatic, outlandish personality of David Lee Roth that I still love to this day.

After listening to the album so many times I decided to review each song not as a musician but as a poet/writer.  What does this mean?   I reviewed each song based on how the words felt within me and  how the singer sang along with the instruments.  The overall songs were all sung with a lot of soul from David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen, and yes, Wolfie too.

The VH band  members are all sensational, synergistic performers that love to energize their audience to be more than just observers and listeners.  Engaging their audience with their eclectic vibes, a VH classic.

My review of “A Different Kind of Truth” – we only provided a few preview clips of the songs from album:

      1. “Tattoo” preview clip.  A fun song and easy song to sing along with.  The song also is catchy and stays with you because of the colorful, repetitive words.  My  ♥  line from this song is…”Best believe that needle will hurt you. Best to see these true colors than follow one of your false virtues.”  ESPN must love this song too because they have a “Tattoo” contest., so hit this link for the  “Tattoo” contest
      2.  “She’s the Woman”  preview clip.  A rapid, energetic song.   My  ♥ line in song is…”I wanna be your knight in shining pick-up truck with a Chevy for my summer home.  Let’s get the party started.”
      3. You and Your Blues” preview clip.  Rapid playing by Eddie and I love David’s deep, sexy voice in this song.  Okay, in every song, but more so in this song.  My favorite line in song…”I’m done with coexisting.  This is heavy lifting.  No more growing codependent over you.  And baby while we at it, I’ve had it with you and your blues.”
      4. “China Town” preview clip.  A fast song so get ready to blast off.  My  ♥ line in song….”A great night for all concerned.  Steel fingers play a deadly song.  Whole lotta Shakespeare going on and on and on.”
      5. “Blood and Fire” preview clip.  VH is sizzling in this song.  My  ♥ song  on album as I mentioned at the start of this VH blog 🙂
      6. “Bullethead” – Fun song with a memorable chorus that will stay with you.    My  ♥  line in song, the chorus line…”My karma just ran over your dogma.  I can feel your pain.”
      7. “As Is”  –  A hot rockin’ song.  My  ♥ line in song is…”Unspoiled by progress,  “As Is” is how I follow through.  It’s not who you squeeze but who returns once again to squeeze you no doubt!  Love ’em all I says.  Let Cupid sort ’em out!”
      8. Honeybabysweetiedoll” – Fun, rockin’ song.  My  ♥ line in song… “Honeybabysweetiedoll you’re the one that I want or I don’t want one at all.  Honeybaby my hearts a flame, I’m all up and you’re to blame.  Honeybabysweetiegirl let me count the ways you rock my world.  Stone soul sistah soccer mom, muchacha-miga, cherry bomb.”
      9. “The Trouble with Never” – Rockin’ song with a soulful flavor.  My  ♥ line in song…”That’s the trouble with never, (It) sure seems like a mighty long time.  That’s the trouble with never.  When was the last time you did something for the first time?”
      10. “Outta Space” –   A short, quirky song with rapid instrument playing.  My  ♥ line in song…”The future ain’t what it used to be.  Time to change my galaxy in case we outta space!”
      11. “Stay Frosty” – Fantastic song…starts off quietly then it shakes and rocks you…be prepared.  My  ♥ line in song…”Stay Frosty In a world without end.  Stay Frosty Like the ancient immortals said Don’t want em to get your goat.  Don’t show em where its hid and that’s just what I did.”
      12. “Big River”   – Has a rockin’ beat.  My  ♥ line in song…”Listen to a sea shell you can hear the sea. Listen to a beer glass that river belongs to me.”
      13. “Beats Workin”  – A song with strong riffs then ends with Eddie’s classic guitar playing.    My  ♥ line in song…”Here today, gone later today.  I’ve been reading what the bloggers say.  How about a great big slice for me?  Otherwise or professionally.”

Be sure to buy the album “A Different Kind of Truth.”  You can buy the deluxe version of the album on iTunes.  The deluxe version includes the album, four bonus videos and a digital booklet from the album.

Can’t get enough VH, like me ♥ ?  Visit their official website.  You can also get more VH news by doing a LIKE on the Van Halen Facebook and a LIKE on David Lee Roth’s Facebook.  Be sure to follow VH’s Twitter and David Lee Roth’s Twitter, too.

Starting this Saturday, February 18th, VH will be on tour across America.  Check out this list of tour dates and purchase your tickets today.

“Alex and Wolfgang Van Halen declined to take solos last night, Eddie Van Halen offered up a typically virtuosic mini-concerto that reminded you of all the astonishing things he can still do on the guitar.” – Rolling Stone Magazine.

I agree with this Rolling Stone excerpt about the VH rehearsal night:  “Jump,” which closed the show on a note of mock-heroic grandiosity that is, was and evidently always will be Van Halen’s signature stance. Get your tickets now, folks.”  Yes, make sure you get your concert tickets to show VH how much we love their music and performances.

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