Devora Libin Jewels

Looking for gift ideas for Valentine’s Day?  Take a look at Devora Libin.

A self-taught designer, Devora Libin has a gift for blending her craftsmanship skills and fashion sense into something every woman would love to own.  Devora turned her passion for creativity into a unique hand-made jewelry collection of eclectic pieces designed to inspire personal style.

Devora Libin Jewels are made of quality gemstones and materials with statement-like details combined to create bracelet, earrings and necklaces.  To keep the creativity flowing and make sure her pieces are as bold and up-to-date as ever, Devora creates two new collections per year for sale.

Check out some of the pieces from Devora’s collections.  You can learn more about the Devora Libin line by doing a LIKE on the Facebook page and following them on Twitter.

Brass Bar Bracelet available in multiple colors – $90

Pistol Earrings – $115 

Crystal Branch Macrame Necklace – $350 

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