A Single Woman’s Guide to Heart’s Desire

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and love is in the air for some but not for all.  For those ladies who are either searching for Mr. Right or trying to recover for Mr. Wrong why not gift yourself with a GPS system.   No, not that kind of GPS.  The GPS we are talking about  is a woman’s Guy Picking System.  So, where can you get this GPS?

The Guy Picking System is a creation of  author  Dawn Maslar and can be found in her latest book, “From Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire.”  As someone who experienced the same cycle of falling for the wrong men again and again, Maslar connects with her readers in a therapeutic and spiritual way.

“I was one of those people who wanted love,” Maslar said.  “I ended up caught in an agonizing off-again, on-again relationship.  One night I hit rock bottom and realized that until I could love myself, I’d never find another person to love me.  But no one told me how to do that.  This book is a culmination of my quest for an answer.  I share my journey in hopes of helping other women.”

Targeted to the almost 50 million single women 18 years or older in the US, “From Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire” shows women how to learn to care for themselves, let go of negative memories and develop gratitude for the life they have.  Check out this passage from the book.

“The picking process begins with subtle, unconscious stimuli to your brain.  It is your interpretation of the stimuli that produces the response that you find so exciting.  Your internal environment forms your perception of your external environment.  How you interpret these cues is the important part; they tell you who you are attracted to.

“I used to believe this response was fate, some supernatural phenomenon that was predetermined by the stars.  I believed that there was one special person out there and it was my job to find him.  I would know him by the feeling I got.  That tingling, that light-headed giddiness I experienced–these were the cues telling me that my future just walked into the room.

“I still believing in a ‘special one.’  But the feelings I was getting from men who turned out to be wrong for me were definitely not love.  Rather, they were an indication that my picker might have been broken.”

With sections like “How Can You Tell if Your Picker Is Broken?” and categories of men women fall for like the “Hit-and-Run”, the “Teflon Don Juan” and the “What Was I Thinking?”, Maslar’s book will help women understand the steps they can take to developing a better life and find a happy and loving relationship.  Described as “packed with basic but useful information” and “one of the best how-to books”, “From Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire” may just be the key you need to succeed.

Right now if you visit Maslar’s website  you can download the first two chapters of her book for free.  You can purchase the whole book through her website, or through Amazon.com .

Additionally, you can do a LIKE on her Facebook Fanpage and follow her on Twitter.

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