The Next Generation of Film Education

With how rapidly technology is changing, it’s no wonder that the way we teach students is changing too.  Focal Press, the global leader in books and content on film and media technology and  has recently launched a new program called FilmSkills.  Focal Press has partnered with over 200 leading industry experts from the executive producer of “Everybody Loves Raymond” and the 1st assistant director of “Avatar” to EMMY award-winning television directors to an Academy-Award Nominated Costume Designer  and more.

“Filmmaking is a collaborative art,” said FilmSkills co-creator Jason Tomaric.  “Working alongside the masters of the industry provides those of us in filmmaking with a career-long education. In FilmSkills we’ve recreated that collaborative atmosphere so young filmmakers can learn from the best filmmakers in the world.”

With FilmSkills, users can access modules in the area of screenwriting, editing, directing and more.  These modules include streaming videos, instructional guides and resources right at your fingertips to enhance your skills and heighten your learning.

FilmSkills covers the entire process from writing to distribution and expertly organizes each lesson into 93 multimedia modules and contains…

  • Over one hundred videos that feature working film professionals and academic experts
  • Downloadable tools (raw footage, budget forms, etc.)
  • Companion text from Focal Press books that delves deep into the subject matter
  • Instructor resources (tests, quizzes, PowerPoint presentations that feature lecture slides)
  • Social Media features allowing students and teachers to add their insights to the conversations

FilmSkills has the advantage of recreating a collaborative atmosphere so young filmmakers can learn from the best, working alongside masters of the industry.  FilmSkills provides resources for those new to the industry and those who want to hone their skills.  The modules are already being used in more than 40 countries.

Focal Press is the first publisher to offer its content on a platform such as FilmSkills.  For more information, visit

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