Are You Covered?

World AIDS Day is here, December 1st, and fashion designer and Fashion Institute of Technology student Maggie Kervick is ready to tell the world one thing:  “I’m Covered.”

Kervick has teamed up with Lifestyles Condoms to launch a new campaigned called “I’m Covered.”  She has created a new line of vinyl handbags made to look like SKYN condom wrappers.  Crafted out of a synthetic material, the bags come in the Living in SKYN tote size, the Dirty Little SKYN cosmetic size, and the I’m A Slave for SKYN wristlet size.  Each bag includes an informational pamphlet as well as a box of condoms in order to educate women how to properly use them.

Kervick’s bags are spreading a message of female empowerment, breaking down all negative stereotypes associated with women who carry condoms.  “I’m hoping to break down the stereotype that if a guy has a condom, he is considered ‘prepared’, but if a girl has a condom she is considered a ‘tramp’,” Kervick said.  “The ‘I’m Covered Campaign’ reinforces the need for self-respect and a proactive approach in regards to protecting oneself from STIs and unwanted pregnancies.”

Check out the pictures below to see pictures of these bags.  You can also learn more at the Bags by Mags website, the Bags by Mags Facebook page and the Bags by Mags Twitter.

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