An Interview with Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg

As the writer for not only the Twilight Saga but episodes of hit series such as Party of 5, The O.C., Dexter and Ally McBeal, Melissa Rosenberg has a lot on her plate.  We’d like to share with you an interview she recently did with Lucy Danziger, the host of Five on 5.One of the questions Danziger asked was about Rosenberg’s choice of characters.  Rosenberg’s female characters are both vulnerable and strong, but there is a clear message the writer really want to get across to her viewers, especially in regards to Bella Swan, the protagonist of the Twilight Saga.

“It was a very cautious decision to make Bella a proactive character,” Rosenberg said.  “She goes for what she wants.  Her boyfriend tells her not to, her parents tell her not to, everybody’s saying ‘you can’t have this, don’t go for it, it’s dangerous.’  She pursues it, and I think that’s the message I hope gets across to anybody who watches it.  Go for what you want.”

Rosenberg also had a lot to say on the matter of writing.

“It’s probably surprising to most people that writing is actually a very physical activity.  You have to concentrate so fiercely.  It requires such self-discipline that if you have any sort of ache or pain, if your back hurts, if you’re sick, if you’re tired, it absolutely interrupts the creative process.  So, it’s extremely important to stay fit, to stay rested, to have a healthy diet.”

Rosenberg herself sticks to a very strict regiment with her personal trainer.

So what’s the most important piece of advice Rosenberg wanted to share with young women who want to be writers?

“I think women think that the work will…that it’s all about the work.  That the work will stand for itself.  But you know what, it really doesn’t.  That’s maybe fifty percent of it…the other half of it is, be someone people want to work with, learn how to pick yourself up off the floor and move forward.  Laugh at yourself and learn how to take a hit.”

This advice ties right into Rosenberg’s personal mantra: “Show up.  Show up every day.”

To get a taste of Rosenberg’s writing, be sure to see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn pt. 1, which hit theaters on November 18th.

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