Warner Bros. Aim High With New Social Series

“Killing is easy.  High school is hard.”  This is Nick Green’s philosophy, and he lives by it every day of his double-life as a high school student and a government operative.

“Aim High” is a new series produced by Warner Premiere and Dolphin Entertainment and distributed by Warner Digital Distribution that made its Facebook debut on October 18th.  Starring Jackson Rathbone of the “Twilight” series, Aimee Teegarden of “Friday Night Lights” and Greg Germann of “Ally McBeal”, “Aim High” is the first-ever social series from a Hollywood studio.  As a social series, viewers can now become a part of the show by integrating their profile information, just like any other Facebook application.

The series revolves around high school student Nick Green (Rathbone) who goes through the challenges of juggling the responsibilities of school and work.  If you thought homework and girl problems were bad, try adding on the threat of international spies, terrorists, and mobsters.

“Aim High” is the first series to utilize technology to make for a more pleasurable and unique viewing experience.  Thanks to this new kind of social series, when you opt into watching “Aim High” in a personalized viewing mode through the show’s Facebook page, you’ll be able to see yourself or your friends throughout the series in various scenes.  In addition, you can share comments, scenes and tweets about your favorite moments in the show.

We took a look at the first four episodes of “Aim High” recently.  Each episode ranges from about six minutes to eleven minutes and includes two or three different cameos.  The ones we saw integrated to the series were a shipping label from “Poore’s Shipping”, graffiti that said “Anna Rules” and “Anna Rocks”, a laptop sticker that said “Anna for Prez” and a few others.  My profile picture even showed up on some of the posters in the show, along with the pictures of some of my Facebook friends.

Though the episodes are short, that’s the only negative aspect of this Facebook webseries according to the rapidly-growing list of fans.  The story is intriguing, playing out very nicely with the right amount of suspense.  All of the characters have detailed backstories and personalities, and Rathbone’s performance as the protragonist is enjoyable.  We were immediately drawn into his story and watched all of the episodes back-to-back. New episodes appear on Facebook every Tuesday, with episode 5 appearing tomorrow.

To learn more about “Aim High”, check out the show’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/aimhighseries.   Click on watch to view all episodes and become a part of the new social scene.

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