Pure, Clean and Simple: The New Face of Ivory Soap

“Cleanliness Needn’t Involve Costliness.”  Procter & Gamble’s most iconic brand, Ivory, has released a brand new ad campaign to announce the modernization of their line of bar soaps and body washes.

When a brand reaches that old age of 132-years-old, it’s time to rejuvenate, and that’s just what Procter & Gamble did.  Their team developed a new makeover for not only the packaging of their products, but also the way the products are marketed.  According to the company, the new campaign targets the modern mom who is incredibly complex yet driven by simplicity.  The new campaign highlights the value and simplicity of Ivory, focusing on busy families who want a product that delivers what they’re looking for.

The campaign, created and developed by Wieden+Kennedy, features what have been dubbed as “Ivoryisms” – refreshingly honest product truths.  “The inspiration for this campaign came from the observation of how, over the years, in an effort to make life simpler, we have somehow made life more complicated,” said Karl Lieberman, creative director of Widen+Kennedy.  “Unlike a lot of other brands, Ivory has stayed true to its equity. It has remained the antithesis of the overly complicated – from its ingredients, packaging and advertising – it’s a throwback to an era where there wasn’t time for such things.  And that’s what makes its new voice so refreshing.”

With five new commercials, a print campaign and an online campaign via Facebook and Twitter, Ivory’s taking the world by storm and reminding all of us that all we really need to do is just add water.

What do you think about this upgrade? Take a look at the campaign samples below and let us know how you feel about this change. You can also find them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ivory and on Twitter @Ivory.

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