Glamour REEL Moments

Last night I attended an event at the Directors Guild of America called Glamour REEL Moments.  The event is sponsored by Glamour Magazine, Freestyle Picture Company and Clarisonic.

Glamour REEL Moments is a screening of short films directed by Hollywood’s hottest leading females.  These stories are inspired by real-life events submitted to Glamour Magazine by their readers.  Proceeds from these screenings go to a charity of the director’s choice.  To learn more about the event visit

This year was the sixth year for the Glamour REEL Moments screening.  I thoroughly enjoyed all three of the short films last night.  The first short screened was “Kaylien” inspired by Jana Banin and directed by Zoe Saldana.  The second screening was “A Proper Sendoff” inspirted by Jan Linvingston Mokhtari and directed by Eva Longoria. The last short was “Free Hugs” inspired by Suzanne P. Reese and directed by Oliva Wilde.

All shorts were fantastic, making it difficult for me to decide on a favorite from the three shorts, but what made my decision was how the film moved me as a viewer. Well,”Free Hugs” was the winner once I asked myself this question because if a short can make me laugh and tear in less than thirty minutes…it tells me the short was well executed on all levels.

I have listed the links below to all three shorts, so you can decide which film is your favorite. Please do share with us  because we are interested in hearing what provoked you as a viewer.  And for every film that is viewed Glamour is donating  $1 to Look Good, Feel Better.  To learn more about Look Good, Feel Better check out


Inspired by Jana Banin
Directed by Zoe Saldana

A Proper Sendoff

Inspired by Jan Livingston Mokhtari
Directed by Eva Longoria

Free Hugs

Inspired by Suzanne P. Reese
Directed by Oliva Wilde

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