“Love Orchard” with Mark A. Musto

Farhad Mann is a director with several credits under his belt including films “Lawnmower Man 2”, “Devil’s Diary”, “The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon” and television series “Strong Medicine”, “Aaron Stone” and “Murdoch Mysteries.” This year, Farhad is currently directing and producing another film entitled “Love Orchard.”

According to IndieGoGo, “‘Love Orchard’ takes the viewer within the complex illegal 
immigration crisis to meet the migrant-working Salazar family and the 
Dobbe family that employs them–both families walking the symbiotic 
tightrope of mutual need that has coiled around their necks and 
threatens to strangle them and the family farm.”

You can read the full synopsis here: http://www.indiegogo.com/Love-Orchard
Interestingly enough, our company learned that Farhad is familiar with FILMLOOK Media and Post. In fact, Farhad was brought to our attention by a few of  our colleagues since they saw and loved several music videos he has directed as well as commercials.  After hearing this we put his name on our list of directors to work with since our production arm has several projects at various stages of production.

Serendipity played out when one of our colleagues, Mark A. Musto, was cast in this movie as a prosecuting attorney. We spoke with Mark who reported to us that working with Farhad, the casting directors, the producers and the other actors has been wonderful. He enjoyed his time on the set and the crew was well fed 😉

Mark also sent a few photos from on set to us. Take a look at them below.

“Love Orchard” is set to wrap up filming in the end of 2011.

Love Orchard

Mark Musto discussing the prosecution case

In the courtroom

From left to right: Chris Loken, Farhad Mann, Bruce Dern, and Mark Musto

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