In Loving Memory of Dr. Richard L. Faber

Robert A. Faber, my business partner for 22 years, lost his brother Rick L. Faber.  Richard Leon Faber, born in 1940, was an intellectual, strong and wonderful man.

Robert and his older brother were close as they got older, so much that Rick was instrumental in creating FILMLOOK’s database and provided all the software upgrades on our database.  Just recently Rick assisted us with a 24P LLC mathematical equation that was essential in solving to convince a camera manufacturer they were in violation of our patent on the 24P technology.

Rick and Robert

Yes, Rick and Robert are both intellects.  Rick was the bookworm intellect while Robert is the creative, inventive intellect.  Rick graduated from Boston Latin in 1957 with honors. He graduated with his bachelor’s at MIT in only three years, and then went on to Brandeis University to earn his master’s and PhD in mathematics. Rick taught for 25 years at Boston College. During his career as a mathematics professor, he also wrote and published three books about the subject. You can find them on Amazon here:

He married his wife, Susan, at the age of twenty-four and was happily married for 47 years. In those 47 years, his family grew, blessing him with one daughter, a son-in-law and four grandchildren. After their retirement he and his wife moved back from Florida to Massachusetts where the pair of them had grown up in order to be closer to their family, though they still owned a condo in Florida they frequented during the winter.

Rick and his wife Susan

One of the most remarkable things about Rick was just how brave he was in dealing with his kidney disease for 43 years, one of the longest living patients on dialysis. It was a daily struggle for Rick and his family, but being on hemodialysis gave him a new life, one that he lived to the fullest. After his ritrement, Rick also devoted much of his time to the Kidney Transplant/Dialysis Association. You can read a medical journal about Rick’s journey on hemodialysis here, last updated in 2008:

Rick L. Faber will truly be missed by his family, colleagues and friends.  What gives comfort to loved ones left behind is that he will no longer be in pain and he will finally be reunited with his loving mother and father.

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.”
— Erma Bombeck

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