An Extraordinary Human Being

Who here has heard of Elvis Presley? Just about everyone. I bet you haven’t heard of Albert Fisher though. Albert is a fascinating man who happens to be a client of ours over at FILMLOOK Media and Post.

Albert Fisher started in the television business in 1962 when he was in his twenties, handling TV and Movies for the World’s Fairs in Seattle and New York. Working his way through the industry, Albert went on to create and produce a variety of series, including Emmy-award winning series “Better Homes and Gardens Television.”

Albert has worked for various networks in different programming and management positions. Over the years he’s expanded his talents to producing, directing and writing. These talents have helped him receive awards in a handful of film festivals including those held in Cannes, London, Barcelona and Chicago.

In addition to his other accomplishments, Albert has served as an EP for NBC, creating, producing and directing award-winning magazine shows and documentaries. He currently still serves as an EP.

And what does he have to do with Elvis? Albert met the legend himself, and even more incredibly, the King allowed Albert to shoot home movies of him when he was in Seattle shooting a film. Albert is in possession of extremely rare footage of Elvis, but he’s sharing it with the world. Check out this website for more information:

What an experience. Thank you, Albert, for sharing this with us.

©Anna M. Poore

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