Poem of the Day – “In My Mind’s Eye”

In My Mind’s Eye…

I kiss your bare body with whispering kisses
As your hands gingerly caress my supple breasts to your moist mouth.
While you suckle my breasts my hands touch down to your manhood.
Until you can no longer resist you enter my wet honeycomb.
As you and I become one we let our tongues slowly play.

In My Mind’s Eye…

Our hearts are racing as we enter a zone that we’ve never experienced.
Our intertwined sweat become sweet as we collapse into each other’s arms.

In My Mind’s Eye…

You give me what no other man can and
I give you what no other woman can give.

In My Mind’s Eye…

I trust to unveil myself to you as never before…
Now I’ll need my mind’s eye to set my heart free from the chains of fear
that hold be back from loving you as I’ve never loved.

©Anna M. Poore

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