Poem of the Day – “Writer or Not”


The writer with a million ideas, but can only give life to the ones that will bring the big money
It’s time to finish the winning script, yet you do everything else but write – phenomenon or fear, who knows
Finally, you the writer with a million ideas sits to write

The blank page stares back at you while you contemplate the next scene, but nothing seems to flow
You wrestle in your chair… you pace… you stare… and still nothing
Time passes and the wastebasket is overflowing with your attempts

 You are now asleep with your ideas haunting you till you can no longer sleep
You think and think until you gather the courage to challenge the blank page again

You begin to write… IT FLOWS

You the writer with a million ideas holds yet another rejection from today’s mail
You the vulnerable writer tosses the rejection amongst the rest and then lazily gaze at them

 Now!  Are you a writer with a million ideas or do you still pursue the silver lining voice that pushes you through the sludges of Hollywood’s back door that says,

 “I’M A WINNER – Persistence will prove me right”

©Anna M. Poore

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